In today’s world, if you are not updated then you inevitably become outdated. The pressure of trying to keep up with the trending has forced many especially teenagers into living a fake and foul lifestyle. Popular culture captures the new and trending in any society whether it be fashion, entertainment, food, slangs or even habits. While the study of the effect of popular culture on teenagers is to an extent inconclusive, it is evident that the prevalence of pop culture in our society today has some degree of influence and effects on the minds and behaviour of these youngsters.  What is endorsed in the 21st-century fashion and entertainment world among others is rather more provocative than educative?  What the industry sells to the young mind whether consciously or unconsciously takes a deep root in their hearts causing them to act accordingly. The eyes and ears are important gateways to a man’s heart and whatever is seen or heard mould the person we become. Hence, pop culture is a powerful tool in shaping our future. Many teenagers in today’s society are given over to drugs and violence because of the type of movies and music they are exposed to, Kathleen O’Toole of Stanford University wrote the findings of research on the effect of some pop culture. She stated that some male teenagers who love and listen to music communicating violence become quite “antagonistic”. However, these findings are not conclusive and cannot be generalised because not everyone who likes violence oriented movies and music is themselves violent. Other parts of the world has different views and pop cultures, one country could be big about escorts and escorting, for here, in America, we have our own agencies, such as DC GFE, LA GFE, and Wet n’ Wild Escorts. Still, to an extent, it is evident that violence in pop culture can influence and compromise the moral and behavioural standards in our society today. Also, films promoting extreme sexuality can do great harm by fostering inhumane sexual thoughts in the young mind. All these stated facts should be given adequate consideration in deciding the trending in our society.