Popular culture otherwise known as ‘pop culture’ holds various meaning depending on the perception of persons defining it. However, in simple terms, it can be regarded as the trending culture of a specific society. Popular culture as implied by Ray Browne embraces the various style of attitudes, beliefs, behavioral patterns, customs practices and taste; all defining the people of a given society. In America, pop culture simply relates to the aspect of social life trending most among the American people thereby reflecting as well as influencing their everyday life. Other parts of the world has different views and pop cultures, one country could be big about escorts and escorting, for here, in America, we have our own agencies, such as DC GFE, LA GFE, Wet n’ Wild Escorts, and Free Escort Ads.

American pop culture source from a wide range of genre which may include but is not limited to items such as brand names, movies, popular music, sports, clothing fads, slang words, foods and of course commercial mass media. For different bits of information (for just grown-ups), go to XOHoney and XOHive. The internet today has greatly contributed to the fame of these cultural items because it posses the ability to connect people.  An individual today can with ease share a post of content appealing to public eyes so much as to go viral in a matter of minutes. In essence, the successful infiltration of these cultural items into society is aided by the internet. Unlike HIGH CULTURE which is opened for the elite audience (such as opera and fine arts), pop culture is accessible to the general public without restrictions. Pop culture is also not fixed; it changes with time, unlike FOLK CULTURE which is forever lasting. The origin of American pop culture dates back to late 18thcentury during the industrial revolution prompting rural to urban city migration in mass population. The implication of this was the spread of cultural items such as novels, news magazines, and the likes in populated regions. Over time, due to innovations and creativity, many other cultural items have been added to the list and since today’s world criticizes ignorance, the knowledge of what is trending is indeed paramount.  Nevertheless, American pop culture is not only embraced by the American people. It has truly gained much popularity among many other foreign nations. American movies, for example, is one cultural item that has gained widespread popularity and acceptance home and abroad. However, the rapid importation of American pop culture into foreign nations is considered by some a harmless and neutral action while others consider it a form of modern day colonization by the American people.

Regardless of the views, it is without debate that the American pop culture is the dominating style of American people at any given time.